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Meet Lem Chaka

At Lem Chaka, we are dedicated to fostering community partnerships and supporting organizations with a social mission. Our collaborations extend to kids' centers, orphanages, and other charitable initiatives, forming strong bonds that help uplift communities through shared goals and values.

Female workers at LemChaka

Our Story

Lem Chaka was founded in 2021 with a vision to create sustainable inputs and harness the potential of food waste in Ethiopia. We started with the ambitious goal of transforming how communities view and utilize kitchen waste, seeing it not as trash, but as a valuable resource for environmental and economic regeneration. Our efforts have grown to support local SMEs in improving their composting processes, ensuring they can contribute effectively to a greener future while enhancing their livelihoods. Through education and innovation, we are building a movement that celebrates sustainability and fosters substantial community growth.

Organic Fertilizer & workers

What We Value

At Lem Chaka, we are driven by a vision to redefine the future of sustainable business practices. Our commitment lies in creating a robust ecosystem where small and medium-sized businesses thrive by transforming food waste into valuable compost. By purchasing directly from these businesses, we not only support their growth but also ensure a consistent quality of eco-friendly products.
Through these initiatives, we aim to pave the way for a circular economy that benefits all, making significant strides towards environmental sustainability and economic empowerment.

Female worker at LemChaka

Meet The Team

CEO & Founder

Sihine Negede

Sihine, combines her international education from Montréal and London with a master's in African Economic Development to lead innovative compost solutions in Ethiopia. A human rights expert and seasoned writer for Jeune Afrique, she drives sustainable change, turning food waste into valuable resources and empowering local communities.

Sihine Negede

Project Lead​

Muluken Anteneh

Muluken, a key project leader at Lem Chaka, specializes in transforming waste management through innovative circular economy practices. His expertise in driving projects from conception to completion has led to groundbreaking changes in policy and practice. Passionate about sustainability, Muluken's leadership directly contributes to Lem Chaka's mission to revolutionize waste processing and promote environmental stewardship.

Quality Assurance

Bethelehem Hailu

​Bethelehem, a seasoned expert from the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute, brings a wealth of knowledge in biosafety, wastewater management, nanotechnologies, and bioproducts to Lem Chaka. Her role is pivotal in enhancing product quality, advancing production processes, and spearheading training initiatives. Betelehem's expertise also extends to raising awareness about the benefits of organic fertilizers, contributing significantly to quality improvement and sustainable practices at Lem Chaka.



Yared Gobezie

As a co-founder, Yared grew up in Washington, DC, before moving to Ethiopia to co-found EthiopiaSkates. With a degree in Business Administration, he leverages his extensive experience in sales and marketing to drive our projects to success.


Yayehyirad Gezu

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Yaye is a co-founder at Lem Chaka. He holds a degree in Arts and wears many hats as an environmental activist, community leader, musician, and painter. 

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