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Expertise & Services

Embrace Sustainability with Lem Chaka: Pioneering Environmental Solutions

Leading the way in eco-solutions and training, Lem Chaka fosters sustainable communities and landscapes. We empower global stewardship through expert knowledge, paving the path for a healthier planet.


Eco-Friendly Products

This includes compost boxes, eco-friendly planters, compost, and amended soil, all aimed at facilitating effective kitchen waste management and promoting sustainable practices


Training Programs

Extensive educational programs tailored for various audiences, such as vulnerable communities, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), primary and secondary school students, and head chefs from renowned establishments like the Hilton.


Sustainable Landscaping

In collaboration with Adäy Planterior, Lem Chaka integrates eco-friendly and indigenous plant designs into both indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing green spaces in a sustainable manner.

Latest Projects

Roha Medical Campus Forest Creation

The Roha Medical Project, supported by Lem Chaka, rapidly cultivated a dense indigenous forest using the Miyawaki method, achieving significant tree growth and enhancing community well-being in just 8 months.

Training Initiatives by LemChaka

Lem Chaka's training programs have empowered various communities, from hotel chefs to school students, fostering sustainable practices and enhancing local environments. Our efforts have notably enabled residents near the Akaki River to establish thriving community gardens.

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