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Roha Medical Campus Forest Creation

Roha Medical Campus Site


The Roha Medical Campus Project exemplifies a commitment to integrating environmental sustainability with healthcare services. This project embarked on an ambitious journey to create a lush, indigenous ecosystem directly within the medical campus premises using the Miyawaki method, a technique known for its rapid forestation capabilities.

Lem Chaka played a pivotal role in this transformative initiative by supplying essential organic materials to facilitate the reforestation. The contributions included 4,000 liters of Jivamreet, 32,000 kg of cow manure, 5,000 kg of aged cow dung, 12,000 kg of compost, and 200 bundles of straws. These materials were critical in enhancing soil quality and fertility, thus supporting the accelerated growth of the forest.

The implementation of the project proved to be a remarkable success, with trees reaching heights exceeding 3 meters within just an 8-month period. This rapid growth not only beautified the campus but also contributed to the overall well-being of the community by enhancing the local environment. The project stands as a beacon of how health facilities can incorporate ecological principles to promote both human and environmental health effectively.


Addis Ababa


September, 2022


Roha Medical Campus

Roha Medical Campus Site
Roha Medical Campus Site
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