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Revitalizing Akaki Riverside: A Journey Towards Sustainability

On January 15, 2022, the tranquil banks of the Akaki River became a hub of transformative action. Lem Chaka, in collaboration with Rotary International and the Hopeful River Project, spearheaded a three-day workshop designed to empower the local community. Attended by 22 dedicated members, this initiative focused on vital environmental practices such as waste management, composting, and the construction of communal permaculture gardens. The sessions were not only informative but also a call to action, urging participants to maintain cleanliness and embrace sustainable living. This endeavor not only heightened awareness about environmental stewardship but also fostered a sense of community and self-reliance among the attendees. Through this collaborative effort, the Akaki riverside community is now on a promising path to ecological and self-sufficiency.


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