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Training Initiatives by LemChaka

Workers carrying organic foodwaste

Lem Chaka actively advances sustainability through diverse training programs, educating stakeholders from hotel chefs to students and community groups on environmental responsibility and waste management.

Their notable efforts include specialized workshops for Hilton head chefs to integrate sustainable practices in their kitchens, and educational partnerships with institutions like Lycée Guebre-Mariam and Kelem International School. These initiatives inspire students to adopt eco-friendly habits early on.

Additionally, Lem Chaka extends its reach to low-income communities near the Akaki River, collaborating with the Hope River Project and Rotary International Clubs to teach composting and establish permagardens. These projects not only beautify the area but also provide sustainable food sources, demonstrating the positive, transformative impact of Lem Chaka's educational efforts.


Lycée Guebre-Mariam
Kelem International School
Hilton Hotels
Hyatt Hotel

Rotary International Clubs
Hope River Project

>150 People trained

Woman teaching about compost
Organic Foodwaste

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