Transforming Addis Ababa's kitchen waste into a flourishing cycle of growth: Welcome to our compost revolution, where sustainability meets with circular economies!

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About Us

Cultivating change with a transformative mission

Lem Chaka is dedicated to empowering farmers, gardeners, and horticulturalists through groundbreaking innovations in sustainable agriculture. Our mission extends beyond the fields as we actively engage with the community, raising awareness about critical environmental issues, climate change, and offering practical sustainable solutions. Together, we strive to create a brighter, greener future for all.ists, by innovating the sustainable agriculture industry!

  • 100% Organic Products
  • Promote Circular Economy
  • Support Local Community
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taught about the benefits of Composting
191,960 KG
Food waste recycled in 2022.

Cultivating healthy soils through eco-conscious methods.

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Policies that benefit the environment
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Educating the General public about Sustainability
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Supporting Local Community
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Socially conscious

Corporate Social Responsibility

Lem Chaka's central corporate social responsibility is anchored in its commitment to fostering a green economy across Ethiopia. Through the promotion of sustainable lifestyles and responsible waste management methods, we aim to play a significant role in the restoration of biodiversity and soil fertility.

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Our Partners

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